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March 1, 2021

The future of high-value controlled environment agriculture (CEA) will be won or lost in the details of plant science.

The future of high-value controlled environment agriculture (CEA) will be won or lost in the details of plant science. The extent to which you can control protein expression, micronutrient and polyphenol concentrations and other parameters of interest is the extent of your advantage. Plant phenotyping is moving from the lab to the production facility. Production optimisation includes understanding cause and effect within the plant. Best to invest in technologies to understand your plants at a deeper level.

Various debates about the merits and potential of indoor crop production persist. But the shift from the open field is happening, tracking technology as well as market trends. The most profitable market segments are differentiated by their sustainability of production, transparency of the supply chain, and product quality. Quality will increasingly be a matter of quantified product attributes. Commercial production of fresh produce, flowers and plant, particularly plant-made pharmaceuticals (PMPs), is entering the world of sensors and robotics. The smartest growers and producers are advancing agriculture's digital transformation.


Pineapple,X-Ray Scan

How to optimise? First, apply automation and robotics to reduce the marginal cost per plant. Scale is, as always, a necessary feature. Second, apply advanced plant science to maximise the valued attributes of your plants. This Second Machine Age or Fourth Industrial Revolution offers artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to harvest deep insights from the Big Data that has long been waiting in abeyance. In the world of plant production and process optimisation, the sensors serve as the connective tissue linking the natural to the digital. The link from phloem and xylem to your deep learning algorithms is the new frontier of competition. These strategies need the best sensors to connect the plants to your algorithms. The sun is setting on the days of growing-as-divining.

Empirical science is as powerful as its instrumentation. No physician is satisfied with only an X-Ray when an MRI would reveal more detail. Likewise, leading plant scientists are wise to apply scientific instruments with the highest optical sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio. You cannot optimise what you cannot measure. Unlock the science, systems and sensors from the world of plant phenotyping to increase the value of your plants. The right sensor is non-invasive, non-ionising, rapid and automated. It is engineered to find the secrets hidden in your plants at the molecular level. The right instrument is a hyperspectral camera.


Pineapple. MRI Scan

There is only one place to go. Our team of optical engineers and plant biologists is dedicated to optimising plant growth. We reveal the nuanced mechanics and secrets of plant growth. For 25 years, we have been helping world-class researchers unfurl cause and effect. We want to help you augment your plant science operation and increase the market value of your plants.

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