Hyperspectral Line-Scanner

Senses the 400-900nm spectral range with 1384 spectral channels at 0.36nm spectral sampling and a dynamic range of 68 dB.

Hyperspectral Imaging & Automation Solutions

Opsyne builds and sells OEM hyperspectral imaging technology that can be integrated into complete industrial automation solutions.



  • The highly sensitive Opsyne VNIR-1384 is optimized for detailed analysis of material, where the spectral resolution is paramount. 
  • Originally designed to meet the exacting demands of world-leading research institutions, our proprietary state-of-the-art design is ideally suited to applications that cannot afford false positives or false negatives. 
  • The long wavelengths in the 400-900nm (500-1000nm) range are ideal for finding big complex molecules in food, medicine and geoscience.



Imaging and Optical Specifications Parameters
Spectral Range 400-900nm (500-1000nm)
Band Size 550 nm
Spatial Pixels 1080 pixels
Spectral Channels 1384 pixels
Spectral Sampling 0.36 nm/pixel
Entrance slit width 25 µm
Wavelength resolution FWHM 0.8 nm
Image Frequency 45 fps
Control GigE
Data GigE
Power PoE/8-pin Hirose HR25 GPIO connector
Size 1/1.2"
Resolution 1920 x 1000 pixels
Bit Depth 12 bit
Pixel Size 5.86 µm
Noise Floor <7.0 e-
Dynamic Range 68 dB
Peak SNR 44 dB
F-number 1.8
View Angle 66°
Focal Length 4.8 mm
Focus manual
Physical Data
Weight 5 kg
Camera size (L × W × H) 390 × 108 × 265 mm
Operating Conditions
Temperature 10° to 40°C
Humidity 20 to 80% (no condensation)

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