Sensitivity. Specificity. Resolution.

The most sensitive hyperspectral line scanners

Our OEM hyperspectral imaging cameras are optimized for spectral resolution and signal-to-noise, allowing you to find your object of interest with full confidence. Map, measure, and monitor with the sensitivity and specificity your workflow demands.

Hyperspectral Cameras

Hyperspectral line-scanners covering the visible, near-infrared and short-wave infrared spectral ranges optimized for maximum spectral resolution and signal-to-noise ratio, engineered for precision and power across a range of applications from the laboratory benchtop, to aerial UAV and drone systems and fixed to on-line industrial automation systems.

Automation Solutions

Complete industrial automation solutions & workflows

We analyze your operations and opportunities, apply sensors optimized for your specific application, and make sure a complete system is in place for your data processing requirements.

Analysis of application

Hardware optimization

System implementation

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Sharing our knowledge base

Learn more about how hyperspectral imaging technology can be used to improve safety in specific applications.

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