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Natural Resources

Hyperspectral Mineralogy

Generate mineral maps at every scale, from the basin down to individual core samples to bolster exploration workflows.

About Opsyne

Opsyne builds and sells OEM hyperspectral imaging technology that can be integrated into complete industrial automation solutions.

Throughout the project lifecycle, from desktop core samples to exploration mineral mapping, proactive continuous monitoring can find the minerals of interest with greater precision and accuracy by complementing or replacing analytical chemistry workflows.

Automated high precision mineral mapping is the holy grail in natural resources exploration. Thanks to advancements in machine learning and optical sensors, we are moving ever closer to this reality. 

From desktop core samples to wide-area terrain mapping, state-of-the-art optical sensors with maximized signal-to-noise ratios and heavy industry versatility are a welcome addition to your analytical workflows.

  • Determination of bitumen content in oil sands core samples
  • Prediction of organic matter concentration with on sediment cores
  • High-resolution carbonates classification among spectrally similar materials
  • Mapping mineralogy and lithology for subsurface tunnel construction
  • Detection and quantification of the light elements hydrogen and lithium
  • Tree species classification and growth rate prediction

Opsyne Value
  • The full potential of remote sensing and benchtop sample scanning has been limited by the power of optical hardware to distinguish between spectrally similar materials. Environmental conditions throughout natural resources development project lifecycles tend to interfere as well. We offer leading spectral resolution, superior signal-to-noise ratio to pluck out the slightest molecules from your samples, or generate mineral map using remote sensing even in sub-optimal low-light environmental conditions.

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