Medical Analysis
Medical Analysis

Medical Hyperspectral Imaging

Non-invasively map, measure and monitor tissue in real-time to support diagnosis, progression monitoring and surgical interventions with greater precision and lower risk.

About Opsyne

Opsyne builds and sells OEM hyperspectral imaging technology that can be integrated into complete industrial automation solutions.

From disease diagnosis to surgical support, real-time and non-invasive screening and delineation can support medical diagnostic and analytical workflows to improve the sensitivity and specificity of established practices in dermatology, pathology and general surgery by seeing beyond the visible and into the tissue.

There are two common problems in medicine. In diagnosis, diseases and cancers are not detected early enough. In surgery, offline maps of the surgical bed and poor visibility due to blood and other obstructions increase the risk of removing good tissue or leaving bad tissue. As a non-invasive non-destructive real-time optical instrument, hyperspectral imaging can be an effective tool to increase the sensitivity and specificity at critical moments in patient care, from diagnosis through surgical procedure.

  • Head and neck cancer screening based on spectral signatures of skin
  • Measure and map relative oxygen saturation in retinal structures
  • Early detection of epidermal thickening for diabetes screening
  • Visualise surgical bed tissue occluded by layers of blood
  • Real time delineation of residual tumour from healthy tissue during procedure
  • Monitor tissue oxygen saturation levels during surgery

Opsyne Value
  • Whether you are a clinical physician, biomedical researcher or OEM manufacturer the power of detection instruments lies in their sensitivity, specificity and reliability. The optimised spectral resolution and signal-to-noise ratio of our hyperspectral cameras delivers the power needed to detect the slightest differences in tissue, including in vivo.

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