Food Manufacturing
Food Manufacturing

Hyperspectral Imaging for Food Manufacturing

Proactively and continuously identify foreign objects and classify specified product features in-line and on-demand at the scale, speed and precision that your operations demand to unlock value and reduce waste.

About Opsyne

Opsyne builds and sells OEM hyperspectral imaging technology that can be integrated into complete industrial automation solutions.

Food fraud, food waste, quality control and food safety are among the many regulatory and market-driven pressures that food processors and manufacturers face. These challenges are a matter of strict controls and rigour monitoring of dynamic systems.

As markets fragment and disperse, new opportunities to unlock value are opening up. With the power of hyperspectral imaging, operators can not only better mitigate risk and manage their reputations, but they can also classify raw ingredients, components and products by specific attributes based on high-precision content analysis.

  • Detection of plastic fragments in potato processing
  • Fat and moisture content analysis in baked goods
  • Mapping pigment distribution across salmon fillets
  • Dry matter content prediction of avocados

Opsyne Value
  • Hyperspectral imaging is a powerful tool when optimized for sensitivity and used in combination with other monitoring and control devices. With a portfolio of experience and technologies delivering rapid non-invasive screening and detection capabilities for the most challenging and elusive parameters, we offer the detection sensitivity required to unlock value, reduce waste and gain greater operational control.

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