Hyperspectral Imaging for Agriculture

From the individual plant to the plot scale, detect and measure primary risks including disease and crop health variability, in-field and throughout the post-harvest supply chain.

About Opsyne

Opsyne builds and sells OEM hyperspectral imaging technology that can be integrated into complete industrial automation solutions.

From seed to harvest, and throughout post-harvest processes plants, agricultural crops and specialty commodities are at risk of variability and inconsistency that are invisible without sophisticated sensing and detection technologies. 

Hyperspectral imaging can deliver the required to manage climate change, supply chain requirements and growing market demands for specific product attributes.

  • Early detection of grapevine leafroll disease
  • Non-destructive characterisation of tomato plant health and flavour profile
  • Estimation and Prediction of soil and vegetation water content
  • Quantification of wheat resistance to Fusarium head blight
  • Measurement of freshness level and pesticide content in fresh lettuce
  • Rapid quality control of herbal medicines
  • Classification of coffee beans by flavour profile and roasting degree

Opsyne Value
  • Our team has been developing advanced solutions for plant phenotyping and agricultural research for over 25 years. 
  • Whatever your challenge or opportunity for value creation, we will research your application, test your samples, and design the appropriate solution from single fixed point sensors to integrated multi-sensory solutions. 
  • We specialize in parameter identification to deliver the highest possible confidence interval.
  • Our non-invasive rapid throughout line-scanners can be readily fitted to your lab benchtop, UAV/drone or processing lines. We offer superior spectral resolution and signal-to-noise ratio to help you identify weak concentrations in sub-optimal environmental conditions to help ensure that your analytical workflow is proactive, accurate and reliable.

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