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About Opsyne hyperspectral imaging technology

Opsyne is a PSI venture developing applications of rapid non-invasive optical sensors. With a global footprint and over 25 years supporting leading institutions, we deliver industry leading products and solutions.

We implement solutions that empower operators to know quality and quantity with confidence and optimize science, safety, and control.

Advanced physics and optical engineering

Expertise in machine learning and classification

In-house R&D and OEM manufacturing

Custom solutions and system integration

Our Team

Innovation & Expertise

The Opsyne team have years of experience with high-precision optical sensors and their applications across industries.

Daniel Plant, MSc. MBA


Martin Trtilek, PhD


Our Products

Map. Measure. Monitor.

Our spectral imaging technology is rapid, automated, and non-invasive. Backed by in house R&D, we work with you to understand your workflow, optimize for your application, and deliver a complete system package to match your desired user experience.

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Supporting leading institutions

With over 25 years supporting leaders across industries, PSI has a global footprint that is now extended with Opsyne.

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